The Mopar Vehicle Protection Advantage

There was a time when every driver knew the mechanical aspects of their vehicle. Changing a tire was considered a right-of-passage for a young driver. Locking keys in a car was a “learning” experience that everyone knew, and about which jokes flew around a lunchroom. Today, with the technological advances that the last generations of drivers enjoy, the knowledge of what to do when confronted with a road hazard injury to a vehicle is a phone issue, not a personal adventure into mechanics.

When you have the Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan, your phone call is answered. It does not matter if you are in Lancaster, PA or out in the country when an emergency happens the plan covers it. A $100 allowance per incident for tire flats, out of fuel emergencies, and locked doors covers it all.

Visit Brubaker Chrysler Jeep to apply for your Mopar Vehicle Protection plan coverage.

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