The Safe and Fun Jeep Cherokee

The Jeep Cherokee is a fun vehicle to drive. It has good acceleration, and it has the capability to take you off the beaten path if that's where you want to go. Brubaker Chrysler Jeep in Lancaster, PA is the home of the Jeep Cherokee. If you go to look at the Cherokee, you will see that it is a safe vehicle with plenty of room for the family.

One of the areas where the Jeep Cherokee seeks to provide safety is in parking. The Cherokee has a feature called rear park assist. When you are backing into a parking space, sensors will monitor to make sure that you aren't approaching an object. You will be alerted if you are close to making contact.

The Jeep Cherokee also offers a rearview camera. This camera lets you see what is behind you as you back in or out of a parking space or down a driveway.

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