The Digital Cockpit of the 2018 Chrysler 300

In the 2018 Chrysler 300, you can stay informed during your drive. This popular full-sized luxury sedan is equipped with a high-tech digital display that can show you all kinds of information at a glance.

Called the digital information display, this unique piece of equipment is installed directly in front of the driver's seat. The small colored screen is positioned between the speedometer and odometer so that it's always in clear view. It can be programmed to display information that's most important to you. It can connect to your infotainment system to give you artist information, give you a digital reading of your speed, relay trip information, show you how much fuel you're using, and so much more.

Step inside the 2018 Chrysler 300 today by visiting us at Brubaker Chrysler Jeep. We'll show you how the display works and let you experience it for yourself on a test drive through Lancaster, PA.

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