Your Vehicle’s Fuel Pump Has a Vital Role

The fuel pump is probably one of the few mechanisms that have an isolated role and not multifunctional. Its job is to simply pump the fuel from the vehicle’s gas tank - and nothing else. However, for such a single role, we’re sure that you will agree that it is a vital role and one that you absolutely want to make sure it never fails.

The primary indication of a failing fuel pump is when your engine “sputters” at high speeds. When this occurs, the fuel pump is struggling to consistently supply the engine with an adequate amount of fuel. This causes a break in the flow of fuel, which results in the “sputtering” that you experience.

If you’ve noticed that this has occurred, then please take it as a very convenient warning sign that your fuel pump might be failing! Contact Brubaker Chrysler Jeep's service department in Lancaster to find out for sure!
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